Momentary implantation: confidence in smile without expectation

What is instant implantation?

Одномоментая имплантация

This technique combines two complex procedures: anesthesia, tooth removal, and implantation into the jaw’s bone tissue, all in one intake.

Advantages of instant implantation

  1. Time savings: The process of instant implantation reduces the time of treatment and wait as it does not require additional months to restore bone tissue.
  2. Maintenance of bone tissue: Installing the implant immediately after removal of the tooth contributes to maintaining the maximum volume of bone tissue at the implant site.
  3. Comfort and confidence: The patient leaves the clinic with a new tooth in his mouth without feeling the discomfort associated with the absence of a tooth.

Determining the appropriate method

How do you know if you are suitable for instant implantation? This can only be determined after a personal consultation with an implantist and an orthopedic surgeon, as well as after a 3D examination. The surgeon will determine the appropriate method based on several factors and your overall health.

The success of instant implantation: key factors

  1. Attractive teeth removal: Soft and careful teeth removal minimizes the risk of damage to the surrounding tissues, increasing the chances of successful recovery.
  2. absence of infection: The absence of infectious processes in the area of teeth removal provides the optimum conditions for implant recovery.
  3. Suitable mound after removal: Bone tissue must have the appropriate size and density for a reliable fixation of the implant.
  4. Thick biotype of the bone: A sufficient bone thickness provides a good cosmetic and functional result.
  5. Health condition of the parrot: The absence of gum diseases reduces the risk of implant rejection.

Steps of instant implantation: a step-by-step explanation

  1. Preparation for implantation: After consultation, the implant surgeon performs a 3D diagnosis for more accurate procedure planning.
  2. Dental removal: The surgeon removes the tooth and assesses the condition of bone tissue to determine the possibility of instant implantation.
  3. Installation of the implant: In the appropriate condition of bone tissue, the implant is installed in the moon of the tooth.
  4. Crown fixation: When the implant is stable, a temporary crown is immediately installed. If necessary, after several months, the temporary crown is replaced by a permanent one.

Instant implantation is a modern solution for quick smile restoration and self-confidence. Contact us for advice and find out how we can help you achieve a beautiful and healthy smile immediately!

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