Zubař Vitalij Šmad'uk
Shmadyuk Vitaliy

My biography

Education and Early Career

My name is Vitaliy Shmadyuk, and I am 37 years old. I studied at the Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University in Ukraine.

Professional Growth

Since 2008, I have been actively involved in dentistry, and 2011, I received confirmation of my diploma in the Czech Republic. In the same year, I started working under the supervision of an experienced auditor of the Czech Dental Chamber, which allowed me to significantly advance in my professional career.

Opening my clinic

In 2016, I opened my clinic in Prague 7. After five successful years, we moved to more spacious premises in Prague 3, where we continue to provide high-quality dental services to our patient base, which now exceeds 8,000 people.

Modern equipment

During the total reconstruction of the clinic, the most modern equipment was acquired: SternWeber dental chairs, Planmeca 3D X-rays, Medit I700 intraoral scanners, Mocom class B autoclaves, as well as compressors and suction systems from Durr – all this has become the heart of our clinic.

Specialization and professional development

For more than twelve years, I have been providing comprehensive dental services to my patients, ranging from examinations to surgical interventions. During this time, I have accumulated rich experience in all areas of dentistry, having completed hundreds of courses around the world. One of my favorite courses was training in implantology CSI – 8th cycle 2019-2021, as well as a three-month internship in Canada, Toronto.

Passion and calling

Recently, I have focused my attention on dental surgery and developing comprehensive treatment plans for complex cases.

Together with a team of doctors, we analyze complex clinical cases and develop plans for the recovery of the health of each patient.

At the moment, I continue my work at OmniDentClinic, where dental surgery is my passion and calling. I perform surgical extractions, extraction of 8, install implants, lift the maxillary sinus, carry out a complete rehabilitation of the dentition using the ALL ON X method, as well as perform volumetric bone augmentations and soft tissue plastic surgery. Prosthetics – crowns, bridges, hybrid prostheses – is what I devote all my skill and knowledge to. This is my calling, which I sincerely love and in which I am confident.

Areas of work
Alina Jahnyčová Zubařský hygienik
Alina Yagnicheva
Dental hygienist

Alina Yagnicheva is a dentist-hygienist. She specializes in conducting therapeutic and preventive measures aimed at strengthening tooth enamel and preventing caries and other oral diseases in patients of various age groups.

Education: Higher Professional Medical School in Prague (2018).

Areas of work
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