Teeth whitening procedure: Whitening smile secret

A variety of bleaching methods

Профессиональное отбеливание зубов

Dental whitening is a popular procedure in dental clinics. But once the white smile was not considered a symbol of beauty and success.

There are several ways of bleaching: professional and non-professional. Professional methods such as photo-bleaching, chemical and laser bleaching, as well as endo-bleaching, are under the supervision of a doctor. Chemical bleaching is rarely used, but requires attention. There is also home professional bleaching, but regularity is required for lasting results.

Non-professional methods include different remedies available in stores. These may be plastics, pencils, caps, which do not require a doctor’s recommendation. However, misuse can cause pain and increased sensitivity of the teeth.

Whitening process: Steps and ingredients

The procedure starts with a visit to a specialist. It is important to understand the reason for the change in the color of the teeth. The specialist will perform an examination, taking into account the condition of the teeth and gums.

A dental hygienist uses a concentrated gel, activated by laser, light or on its own. The duration of the procedure depends on the methodology, but after it is necessary to visit the specialist again for a stable result.

In the home the patients are provided with a special bleaching gel and individually manufactured capsules. The procedure is carried out according to the doctor’s recommendations and lasts two to four weeks.

Advantages and disadvantages of bleaching

The effect lasts from half a year to several years, but requires maintenance. The use of dyeing products, special pastes and lubricants helps to prolong the effect. However, the procedure is not suitable for crowns, ribbons, implants or veins. There are complex cases where bleaching is ineffective, and contraindications that may limit the possibility of the procedure.

Before deciding on bleaching, it is important to weigh all aspects. Besides temporary problems, the result may not meet expectations. Choose the method according to your needs and use the advice of the specialist for a bright, white smile.


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