Dental Surgery: New technologies for dental care

Modern dentistry offers a wide range of technologies and equipment for the prevention and treatment of various diseases of the mouth. Despite all possibilities of conservative treatment, in some cases operational intervention is necessary.

Types of surgical interventions in dentistry:

  1. Treatment of inflammatory processes:

* Intervention on soft and hard tissues of the oral cavity.

* The latest techniques are aimed at restoration, not just removal of teeth.

  1. Dental Surgery:

* Includes implantation and preliminary preparation.

* Plastic surgery in the area of the jaw and face (veinbuloplasty, fibroplasty, removal of recession of the gums).

  1. Removal of teeth:

* From simple removal to complex operations.

* Difficult cases include the removal of not completely cut or incorrectly positioned teeth, as well as wisdom teeth.

Modern technologies in dental surgery:

  1. Laser surgery:

* Allows to perform bloodless operations in the mouth.

* Reduces the risk of infection and accelerates healing of wounds.

* Excludes the need for anesthesia and sewing.

  1. Ultrasonic equipment:

* Used for bone reconstruction and implantation.

* Provides gentle tooth-protection manipulations and removal of cysts.

Modern methods of dental surgery bring great benefits to patients, making procedures more comfortable and safe.

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