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Dental implantation: restoring smile and confidence

Dental implantation is a modern and effective procedure that allows you to restore lost teeth and restore patients a beautiful smile and self-confidence. At Omnidentclinic in Prague 7 we offer professional dental implantation services at affordable prices, ensuring high-quality work and great experience.

Who is recommended for dental implantation?

Dental implantation is recommended for patients who do not have one or more teeth for various reasons, including injury, caries, or natural wear. This procedure is also suitable for those who do not wish to use removable prosthetics or have contraindications to them. Dental implantation allows the restoration of the natural appearance of the smile and restores normal functions during mating.

Preparation for the implantation procedure

Before implantation, the doctor conducts a thorough examination of the patient and determines the optimal treatment plan. This includes an analysis of the condition of the dental system, an assessment of the general health of the patient, and a solution to questions related to medical prescriptions. The patient also discusses with the doctor his expectations and preferences regarding the future smile.

Steps of Dental Implantation
  1. Preparatory stage:

Before the procedure, the doctor conducts preparatory measures, including x-rays to determine the bone structure more accurately and plan the implantation.

  1. Surgical stage:

At this stage, the doctor implants an implant into the jaw’s bone. This procedure is usually performed under local anesthesia, which provides comfort to the patient.

  1. Period of recovery:

After implantation, there is a period of recovery that allows the jaw bones to live around the implant. This process usually takes several months.

  1. Prosthetic installation:

Once the bone is fully alive, a crown (skull crown) is placed on the implant, making it impossible to distinguish the patient’s smile from the natural one.

Our advantages:

* Extensive experience: Our specialists have many years of experience in the field of dental implantation and are highly qualified.

* High-quality work: We use only the most modern materials and technologies to ensure the durability and reliability of results.

* Available Prices: We offer competitive prices for all types of dental services, including dental implantation.

If you are looking for professional dental implantation services in Prague, please contact Omnidentclinic. Our experienced doctors are ready to help you regain your smile and self-confidence. Contact us right now and we will help you start your way to a healthy and beautiful smile.

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