Metalloceramic crowns in dentistry: Aesthetics and durability in one

What are metal ceramic crowns?

Металлокерамические коронки

Metalloceramic crowns are modern prosthetics, which enjoy huge popularity in dentistry. They consist of a base, cast from different metals (gold, titanium, alloys), ensuring the crowns’ strength. The upper part is made of ceramic of different shades, which allows the crowns to perfectly combine with the natural color of the patient’s teeth.

Application of metal-ceramic crowns:

  • Restoration of single teeth:

The perfect solution for damaged one tooth.

  • Manufacture of teeth bridges:

They are used to create teeth bridges, restoring whole rows of teeth.

  • Removable and permanent prosthetics:

They can be used in both removable and permanent prosthetics.

  • For side teeth with maximum grinding load:

They provide a reliable grinding function even for side teeth.

Benefits of metal-ceramic crowns:

  1. High Aesthetics:

The artistic teeth look natural thanks to the variety of colors of ceramics.

  1. Reliability and durability:

They serve a long time, usually 10-12 years. The upper ceramic layer can split over time, but this happens rarely.

  1. Application versatility:

It can be used in different types of prostheses, including implants.

  1. Ideal for implants:

Suitable for installation on implants, ensuring reliable mounting.

Installation of metal-ceramic crowns on implants:

The installation of metal-ceramic crowns on implants takes place in several stages:

  1. Installation of implants:

The implants are installed using different methods. It is possible to install a temporary crown a few days after the operation.

  1. Preparation and removal of blinds:

Implants are manufactured, and blinds are made for transfer to the laboratory.

  1. Production and installation of the crown:

The crown’s metal base is created, which is covered with ceramic. The permanent crown is securely fixed on the implant.

Care tips:

  • Regular oral hygiene with a soft brush and toothbrush.
  • Avoid hard and sticky food that can damage the ceramic layer.
  • Caution when scratching solid objects.
  • Regular dentist visits to check the crown’s condition and general dental care.

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