Лечение пародонтоза

Parodontosis – what is it?

This disease occurs in 8-10% of the population. It is more common in people after 40 years. This is because пароdontosis is usually formed within 10-20 years. The disease occurs in 3 stages.

  1. The pain is practically absent. The person only feels discomfort while chewing. Also, the sensitivity of the teeth is increased.
  2. The root of the tooth unit is naked by 5-6 mm, there is a disturbance in the blood supply of the teeth. This stage is characterized by the exhaustion of enamel.

The diagnosis shows a recession of the teeth by at least 1 cm. In the case of premature treatment, the doctor prescribes the removal of the problematic teeth.

It can be caused by cardiovascular diseases. Also among the causes are: hereditary predisposition, troubled taste, diabetes, and injury of teeth and gums.

How is the treatment of periodontosis performed?

The choice of the method depends on the onset of the disease. It is recommended to visit the dentist at least once a year to detect the pathology at an early stage and proceed to treatment.

* Diagnosis is carried out in advance.

In the initial stage, cleansing is carried out, it is necessary to remove the cause of inflammation. Usually, cleansing is carried out under the influence of ultraviolet waves. Then medical treatment is carried out. The patient should take vitamins and immunomodulators. In the first stage, it is enough to rub the mouth with a special solution.

The doctor must perform an appointment if the patient has damaged teeth due to caries. This is done to avoid the possibility of recurrence of infection. Physical therapy procedures are also prescribed. They are necessary to improve the blood supply of the periodontal.

If all the previous methods do not help, then surgical and orthopedic treatment is prescribed. Non-recoverable teeth are removed and replaced with implants or prostheses.

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