Removable dental prostheses: convenience and aesthetics in one

What are modern removable dental prostheses?

Съемные зубные протезы

Removable dental prostheses today combine high aesthetic quality and ease of care. Currently, there is a huge selection of prostheses of different constructions and materials supplied by different manufacturers.

Types of removable dental prostheses and their indications:

  1. Full shooting systems:
  • Shown when the teeth are completely lost.
  • They consist of a base part imitating the sleep, and artificial teeth fixed on the base.
  • Bases can be made of various materials including plastic, metal plastic, and nylon.
  1. Plastic Prosthetics:
  • Their base is a plate supported by alveolar growths, crustal edge, and solid sky.
  • The dental crowns are attached to the base and can be made of different materials.
  • Relatively low cost and ease of care – the main advantages.
  1. Bullet Prosthetics:
  • Includes metal frame, support plate, and artificial teeth.
  • The frame contains a saddle supporting the plate with teeth and arcs connecting the structure with the support teeth.
  • This type of prosthesis ensures a balanced load distribution and makes chewing more physiological.
  1. Immediate Prosthetics:
  • Used temporarily before installation of permanent construction.
  • One of the most popular species is the “beacon”, which is attached to the neighboring teeth using special clips.

Methods of fixation of removable prostheses:

Full shooting systems:

  • Usually fixed at the expense of vacuum and use special gels and glues for greater reliability.
  • Can also be mounted using implants and titanium balls connected with magnetic locks.

Bracelet prostheses:

They can have different types of attachments, including lithium support valves, attachments, and telescope crowns.

Removable prosthetics:

  • Regular hygienic cleaning twice a day and immersion in disinfectant solution every one to two days.
  • Avoid strong tea, coffee, and smoking to prevent yellowing of crowns.
  • Avoid abrasive agents for prosthesis cleaning.
  • Careful eating, avoiding large pieces of hard and sticky food.

With the correct treatment, removable dental prostheses can serve for many years, providing comfort and confidence in everyday life.

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