Лечение зубов

Therapeutic dental care

Therapeutic dental treatment includes removing cavities, filling cavities, treating dental pulp, and restoring structure to preserve teeth.

Zubařství v Praze Omnident Clinic

Dental implantation

Dental implantation is a surgical procedure of introducing artificial tooth roots to support replacement dentures. It restores the function and aesthetics of lost teeth.

Гигиена полости рта

Hygiene and prevention

Oral hygiene and prevention includes caring for your teeth, flossing, and using mouthwash. Regular visits to the dentist keep your teeth healthy.

Ортопедия в стоматологии

Orthopedics in dentistry

Orthopedics in dentistry is concerned with restoring function to the maxillofacial region. This includes prosthetics, implants and bite correction.

Хирургия в стоматологии


Dental surgery includes tooth extraction, implants, bite correction surgery, and surgical treatment of jaw and facial diseases.



Endodontics in dentistry - Treating teeth from the inside out, including removing the pulp, cleaning and filling root canals to preserve the tooth.

Our dentistry

We always achieve a flawless result

Omnident Clinic is a renowned dentistry in Prague, known for its high standard of service. Our experienced dentists provide quality services using modern methods and technologies. The clinic prides itself on an individualized approach to each patient, striving to achieve optimal results and maintain a healthy smile. Here you will find not only professionalism and effective treatment, but also a friendly atmosphere designed for your comfort. Visit Omnident Clinic to receive top-notch dental services and keep your smile in perfect condition.

Our doctors

Zubař Vitalij Šmad'uk
Shmadyuk Vitaly

Specializes in modern methods of diagnosis, treatment and prevention of dental diseases. Adheres to the principles of high quality and interdisciplinary approach. The doctor is sensitive and friendly, offering the best solutions in orthopedics, taking into account functionality and aesthetics.

Areas of work
Alina Jahnyčová Zubařský hygienik
Alina Yagnicheva
dental hygienist

Specializes in prevention, enamel strengthening and fighting oral diseases. She is highly professional, equipped with modern equipment and cares for patients of all ages. With her approach, treatment becomes not only effective but also comfortable.

Areas of work

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    “Omnident Clinic” is your dentistry in Prague, where doctors of the highest category work. Our specialists have a high level of professionalism and personal responsibility, are able to interact effectively in a team and constantly improve their skills. We dedicate our profession to creating your healthy and beautiful smile!

    We are always in touch with you, offering a comprehensive approach to solving dental problems. “DentalGood” is a team of like-minded people, the best specialists in the field of aesthetic and restorative dentistry, orthopedics, orthodontics and endodontics. This ensures the best possible treatment results.

    We believe in building relationships based on trust and understanding. When you become our patients, you also become our friends.

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