Caries are one of the most common diseases, which occurs in both adults and children. A timely visit to the dentist and treatment of caries allow to eliminate not only painful sensations but also to preserve the aesthetic of the dental enamel.

The development of caries in the first stages can go smoothly, only with time appear small changes in the color of the enamel, pain in contact with hot or cold products, or partial destruction of the teeth. It is possible to diagnose the disease independently, by carefully examining the oral cavity. But often, patients lose sight of the first manifestations of the disease and turn to a doctor already with progressive caries.

Key stages of career development

Стадии кариеса

Depending on the scale of damage to the teeth, dentists distinguish four major stages of caries, which are:

* initial (spot stage);

* superficial caries (a eukaryotic stripe is formed within the email);

* moderate caries (damaged dentin);

* deep carriage.

At the time of the appearance of the spot, the treatment of caries consists of remineralization of damaged tissues and their recovery. The process is as painless as possible and does not cause discomfort to the patient.

The treatment of surface caries in dentistry is carried out by removing damaged tissues, after which the doctor puts a plate.

The patients need not only to remove the damaged tissue but also to undergo the necessary treatment of the damaged tissue of the teeth.

The longest is the treatment of deep caries. If not referred to the doctor in time, the tooth breaks down and the caries penetrate the dentin thickness.

The cost of treatment for cancer

There is no unambiguous answer as to how much the treatment of caries costs. Before the price is announced, the dentist performs a complete diagnosis of the general condition of the oral cavity and enamel reveals the number of infected teeth, and stages of the development of caries, and selects the necessary treatment.

The cost of treatment for caries is quite democratic, given the fact that it is much easier to eliminate the disease at an early stage than to treat the outbreaks or to resort to the removal and replacement of a destroyed tooth and roots.

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