Professional tooth cleansing with Air Flow: Opening up for your smile

What is Air Flow and how does it work?

Чистка зубов AirFlow

Air Flow is an innovative device designed for the careful and effective removal of plaques and depositions from the surface of the teeth. This method of professional hygiene cleaning includes spraying on the teeth a special mixture of water, air, and crystals of a pressure powder, which is regulated by a dentist. This process allows not only to clean the teeth but also to reach difficult places, including interstitial cavities.

Benefits and features of the procedure

Professional teeth cleansing using Air Flow is a safe and painless method that does not damage the enamel. Patients can feel the lightness and purity of the teeth after the procedure. Furthermore, to increase the patient’s comfort, aromatized powder is used.

When is Air Flow cleaning required?

The Air Flow procedure is recommended in the following cases:

  1. Installation or removal of crowns, implants, or brackets: This method allows complete cleaning of the prostheses and orthopedic structures, which cannot be achieved by conventional methods.
  2. Dental problems and first signs of periodontosis: Air Flow effectively removes dental deposits and prevents the development of dental diseases.
  3. Yellowing of the enamel due to drinks and smoking: pigmented infestation is eliminated, restoring the natural color of the teeth.
  4. Hard-to-reach areas and densely located teeth: Air Flow provides deep cleaning in the hardest-to-reach areas where conventional treatments may not work.
Professional cleaning process with Air Flow

The Air Flow process takes place in several stages:

  1. Evaluation of the condition of the oral cavity: The doctor analyzes the condition of the teeth, gums, and dentures of the patient.
  2. Removal of solid impact and stone: Ultrasonic device – scaler is used to remove impact and deposits not only from the teeth but also from under the gums. Local anesthesia may be used if necessary for comfortable treatment.
  3. Application of Air Flow: The Air Flow system removes pigmented intrusion and deposition, restoring the natural color of the teeth.
  4. Inter-tooth space cleaning and polishing: The teeth are cleaned with special brushes, and a fragrance-containing composition is applied to strengthen the enamel and reduce sensitivity

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