Treatment of pulpitis and periodontitis

Лечение пульпита и периодонтита


Pulpits and periodontitis are diseases of the oral cavity that, if left unattended, can lead to discomfort, deterioration of the condition of the teeth, and even loss. A timely visit to the dentist can help improve dental care and contribute to the health of the teeth and gums.

Treatment of Pulpit

Pulpit, a condition caused by the inflammation of the tooth pulp, usually occurs as a result of severe caries or injury of the jaw. If it is a lump-less pulp, the pain can be cured with anesthesia. However, as the process of analgesia progresses, it becomes less effective. The need for treatment of the pulpit is because the tooth nerve (pulp) cannot regenerate after damage and is accompanied by pain. Treatment usually involves the removal of the source of infection.

Treatment requires several visits, depending on the specific case and complexity. The final goal is to achieve optimal sterility and shape of the root canals of the teeth, which will allow them to carry out their final bleaching according to the pre-selected method.

Periodontitis treatment

The accumulation of dental stones on the teeth of the gums is the main factor in the development of periodontitis. The dental stone irritates the gums and leads to the reproduction of microbes.

The latter cleans the surface of the root by removing the leakage and tooth stone from the deep periodontal pockets, as well as smoothing the root of the tooth.

In case of infection in the root canal, the procedure is accompanied by a course of antibiotics. After surgical dissection of inflammatory tissues and removal of the mucous membrane of the gums, it is drained and physiotherapy is administered.

As with the pulse, early intervention can prevent complications, so regular visits to the dentist are vital.

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