Professional Dental Cleansing: The Key to Smile Health and Beauty

Why do you need a professional toothbrush?

profesionální čištění zubů

Professional teeth cleansing, or hygienic procedure, is an integral part of the care for the health of your smiling face. This procedure includes removing dental stone and plaque, as well as applying calcium-containing pastes to strengthen the enamel.

But how important is this procedure? Why has it become popular only in recent decades, and how did people go without it before?

Professional teeth cleansing is an absolute necessity. Tooth stone, which is formed on the teeth due to microorganisms, destroys the gums and bones, which can lead to the mobility of the teeth, gingivity and paradontia. In addition, it can hide the beginning of the carcinogenic process, preventing its appearance in the early stages.

How often do you need professional cleaning?

The frequency of dental professional cleaning is individual and depends on the care of the teeth, food, coffee and smoking. On average, it is recommended to do dental professional cleaning twice a year. For patients with braces, implants, inhibitors or periodontitis the frequency may be higher, on the recommendation of the doctor, up to four times a year.

The process of professional teeth cleaning

The process begins with consultation, where possible sensitivities and allergies are clarified. Applicable anesthesia is then applied, the analgesic gel is applied to the sleep. The patient uses the lipstick for convenience and fatigue of the mouth.

The first stage is the use of ultrasound to remove the dental stone underwater. Then the air flow method is used, which removes the leakage using water, soda powder and glycerin and air.

Then grinding between the teeth with special ribbons and polishing the surface of the teeth of the paste is done.

After the procedure

After the procedure, the patient does not experience unpleasant feelings. It is recommended to refrain from eating and swallowing for 20 minutes, as well as to follow a “white” diet for 2-3 days, avoiding dyeing products and drinks.

Maintenance of effect

To maintain the effect, it is recommended to use a toothbrush and an irrigator, to brush regularly, to use a toothbrush, and to wash the interstitial space.

Errors in brushing teeth

One of the common errors is incorrect movement of the brush. The use of inappropriate thread or toothbrushes is also dangerous as it can damage the sleep and cause infection. Patients may also mistakenly think that electric brush cleaning is more effective, which is not always true.

Professional Dental Cleansing: Not only beauty, but also health

Professional teeth cleansing not only makes your smile beautiful, but also ensures the health of your teeth. Regular prevention helps prevent caries, lumps, hygiene and paraplegia. Timely detection of oral problems allows to treat them quickly and effectively, which ultimately saves your money and keeps your teeth healthy.

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