About the clinic

Welcome to the world of caring for your smile with the team at “Omnident Clinic”! We use only the latest European equipment and advanced dental practices, successfully applied in the Czech Republic and abroad.

Omni Dent Clinic

Our services include

Prosthodontics and Implantology

Restore smiles of any complexity using modern prosthodontic and implantology methods.

Teeth Whitening

Achieve a radiant smile with our professional whitening procedures.

Professional Oral Care

Our specialists provide high-quality oral care, ensuring health and freshness.

Therapeutic Treatment and Surgery

Our team is ready to deliver high-tech caries treatment and, if necessary, professional tooth extractions when preservation is not possible.


In our dental clinic, we strictly adhere to European quality standards certified by ISO 9001. Our approach to cleanliness and safety includes the use of minimal contamination technology.

Space Organization

All our instruments, materials, and devices are stored in specially designated drawers, with their distribution minimizing the risk of dust and potential contamination, thus ensuring cleanliness in our dentistry.

Closed Water Delivery System

Our dental chairs are equipped with a closed delivery system of distilled water, ensuring patient protection from the risk of cross-contamination.

Surface Disinfection

After each patient, we meticulously disinfect the working surfaces of the dental chair and associated devices, including the saliva ejector.

Use of Disposable Gloves

As hands are the primary source of infection transmission, we routinely use disposable gloves in our clinic.

Instrument Sterilization

We strictly adhere to the principles of instrument sterilization and disinfection. Sterile instruments are stored in special drawers and are retrieved immediately before use for patient examination or medical procedures.

Autoclave for Sterilization

We utilize a modern autoclave, which ensures the highest level of sterilization. This device uses hot steam and high pressure to destroy all living organisms, providing maximum safety for our patients.

Entrust the care of your smile to the experienced professionals at “Omnident Clinic”!

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