Key implantation: The way to an ideal smile

What is a key implant?

иплантация под ключ


Key implantation is a complex procedure that includes all stages of restoration of lost teeth – from initial consultation to permanent crowns on implants. This approach provides a full range of diagnostic, therapeutic, and surgical procedures necessary to restore your smile.

What is included in the procedure?

  1. Consultation and primary examination: The first stage involves examining the gums, assessing the condition of the teeth and gums, as well as completing the patient’s questionnaire. The doctor answers all your questions, discusses your wishes, and determines possible solutions.
  2. Comprehensive examination: The important stage is the diagnosis. Doctors use X-rays, orthopantomograms, and computer tomography for a thorough diagnosis of your case.
  3. Preparation of the 3D model: Based on the results of the CT scan, a 3D model of your oral cavity is created. You together with the doctor choose the design of the prosthesis and determine the optimal location of the implants.
  4. Removal of damaged teeth: If necessary, the damaged teeth that are untreated are removed. This stage provides a healthy basis for implantation.
  5. Surgical procedure: The implantologist performs surgery including anesthesia, implant injection, bone-forming, and abdomen fixation. The temporary prosthesis is temporarily fixed, providing you with comfort and aesthetics during the recovery period.
  6. Prophylactic examinations: After the surgery, you will have to make regular visits to the doctor. This allows you to evaluate the recovery process and make corrections to the temporary prosthesis if necessary.
  7. Establishment of permanent crowns: After osteointegration (the process of regeneration of bone tissue implants) the prints are removed, permanent crowns are made and they are fixed on the abdomen.

Advantages of key implantation:

* Fixed cost: You will know the final cost before the treatment starts, which is fixed in the contract. No hidden payments and surcharges.

* Individual approach: The procedure is tailored to your clinical situation, ensuring the best results.

* Comfort and aesthetics: You are provided with a temporary prosthesis, providing comfort and aesthetics during the recovery process.

Key implantation is the way to a healthy and beautiful smile without unpleasant surprises. Contact us and we will help you to restore your smile!

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