One of the basic directions in providing quality dental care is the therapeutic treatment of teeth. Its main goal is to prevent the spread of infection in the pulp, root. It is achieved by removing carcinogenic teeth. Pulpotomies are used if necessary.

Therapeutic dentistry is not only engaged in prevention, diagnosis, treatment of carcinogenic lesions and their consequences. It is responsible for preparing teeth for planned implantological, orthopedic treatment, dealing with lesions of the mucous membrane.

In what cases can therapeutic dentistry help?

Treatment of teeth is of great importance not only for the elimination of painful symptoms caused by chronic/acute caries, pulpit, and periodical infection. Modern methods successfully maintain aesthetic attractiveness, restoring the patient’s ability to smile without discomfort, without embarrassment, to have a clear, young oval of the face and full sexual function.

Anyone who seeks to maintain a healthy and smiling face for many years must visit a therapist at least once every six months for prevention purposes. Immediate treatment requires symptoms such as

  • sharp reaction to food;
  • the appearance of carcinogenic stains (even in the absence of painful sensations);
  • the appearance of the gums, cartilage;
  • enhanced sensitivity;
  • softness of soft tissues;
  • temperature increase;
  • redness of the gums.

Key methods of treatment

These include bleaching, endodontics, and restoration.

Flambing is a procedure of removal of carcinogenic tissue with subsequent filling of the membrane, restoring functionality. It is carried out with the use of biocompatible body materials: composites, glass-ionomer cement, and composites from leading manufacturers (Germany, Japan, USA).

Endodontia is a method of treatment of root canals suffering from inflammatory processes or deep carcinogenic lesions. During the procedure, non-crotic tissues are removed, and canals are sterilized. To prevent reinfection at the final stage they are filled with special materials.

The restoration is used to restore the shape, and function of the damaged tooth by porcelain veneers, with the help of composite restorations allowing to preserve the natural appearance and functionality.

Healthy flat teeth have a huge impact on the quality of life. Using well-established techniques, the first-class technical equipment of therapeutic dentistry not only preserves the health of the mouth for a long period, but also prevents problems with the digestive system and, the development of other serious diseases.

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